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Smile Vishnu Procede PWM Meth on Supercharged Darth Maul M3

Hi guys,
Another Procede+PWM Meth update/case study. Yesterday, the owner of the "Darth Maul" M3 drove down from Canada to get a Procede/Meth kit combo installed. For those who aren't familiar with this car, it was a pretty well-known show car a few years ago. It was fitted with a bunch of upgrades including a G-Power supercharger WITH intercooler. Max boost pressure was around 6psi, give or take.

We did not make any changes to they pulleys/boost pressure. All we did was install a Procede+PWM Meth kit and spent a few runs re-tuning it. The car is intercooled (as you can see in the pics) and a LARGE 3 horsepower fan was placed in front of it during the pulls. Without methanol, logged IATs on the dyno were actually a little bit lower than what we see on the street.

First two runs, with perfectly cooled engine (with Procede and meth disabled):

Then we simply turned out the PWM meth system. Unlike traditional meth systems, this is metered with a high speed valve which is controlled by the Procede. No changes to actual tuning at this point. With meth on, we picked up some good gains:

Next, we tweaked AFR slightly and added a few deg of ignition advance (via Procede). And since the Procede controls the tune as well as the methanol system, this extra advance and revised AFR only comes into play when methanol is flowing (monitored by flow turbine tube generating a 5v digital signal via hall effects sensor). More power was picked up:

After a bit of cool down, we ran the original G-Power DME tune (Procede and Meth disabled) again. This way we aren't comparing runs on a cold engine (Run 1 and 2) to runs on a warm engine (all the rest). The delta was huge:

So there you have it. Adding a Procede+PWM Meth kit on a mildly boosted M3 that ALREADY has a intercooler was worth as much as 80WHP up top. With nice gains everywhere. Furthermore, the results were consistent and very resistant to heatsoak. Which makes the real-world performance delta even bigger. I have plenty of datalogs that I will post up later.

This is the first Sc'd m3 I've tuned but from what I can tell, it's begging for more boost. Unfortunately, the owner wasn't able to get hands on a new pulley in time. But soon....

This is the same Procede/pwm meth combo that we used in Zoebs NA m3 last week. The only difference is that we are using a higher flowing valve and three 1pm nozzles instead of two. They were mounted in the cone shaped silicon coupler just upstream of the plenum. Underneath so you can't even see them.


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