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Originally Posted by Avly View Post
You don't state whether the cost of the cars are an issue, but the implication is there otherwise why not buy a M3 with the same options as the 335is?

Based on the aforesaid premise, I suggest neither car. You can't afford it. If the price difference between a 335is and M3 matters you should reconsider your priorities because the price difference of ~7k is meaningless when you are already spending 50k+, unless you are paying the whole thing up front in cash.

On the other hand if the car is affordable, wth are you nickel and diming a 50k+ purchase for, if you are already spending the money spend the extra 7k for the M3.

Choose the 335is if you want it, but it is nonsensical to choose it based on money if you want a M3. I always wonder wtf when a guy driving a 335is wishes he could afford an M3, it is absurd to say you can afford a 335is but not a similarly optioned M3. Otherwise you are eating cup ramen every meal and living in a hole to afford the 335is.
if you can't afford 10k for options on a 56k car, you can't afford it