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I have a 2010 e92 at 21,500 miles. i picked up on november 09. so basically it does about 11k per year.

i think its not much at all.

This is the stats i came accross online on United States Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration

Average Annual Miles per Driver by Age Group

Age Male Female Total
16-19 8,206 6,873 7,624
20-34 17,976 12,004 15,098
35-54 18,858 11,464 15,291
55-64 15,859 7,780 11,972
65+ 10,304 4,785 7,646
Average 16,550 10,142 13,476

Originally Posted by resdm50 View Post
Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and to BMW in general. I'm currently looking at a 2010 e92 M3 that really has me intrigued. The only problem I can see with the car is that it has a little over 21k miles, which seems like a lot to me for a 2010.

Would that be considered too many miles, or more than would be advisable when buying a 2010 M3?

Thank you

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