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M3 with high miles...


Just got a fairly high mileage M3. It was mostly an impulse buy so before driving it off all i did was checked if it ran ok and whether it leaked anything/overheated etc.

In any case, the car came without any service records. It currently has 174k on it.

I've been reading around here and other M3 forums and apparently many people would never touch an M with these kind of miles. My question is

1). at this point should i only do regular maintenance on the engine (plugs, oil etc) and not even worry about valve adjustment etc, putting away money instead for a new engine and fixing the rest of the stuff along the way? or is it reasonable to expect the engine to run another 100k and thus would it be wiser to invest in "more advanced" maintenance?

i went to the dealer and they didn't have any records either but at least they told me that my car wasn't due for a rod bearing recall

2). when i go in for inspection, what are things that i should have them check? i know subframe is one of those, anything else?

it seems that the car was well taken care off and its suspension does not feel like its original...very stiff.

im mechanically inclined and do most of the work on my cars (including new engine installs etc) and only let a mechanic do more "technical" things.

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