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Originally Posted by Moo View Post
Yup, the V8 can really stretch its legs at top range. Re: Nurburing run, I think someone mentioned the M3 was only up 2 seconds before the final straight, where it then gained 8 on the 1M (Sport Auto time).

Meanwhile, here's our forum member Advevo in his 1M doing 8:15 time WITH traffic & accident (which claimed 10-15 seconds).
Yeah I can say that not from M3 experience, but I had a 340hp LS1 (I know, no m3) however, that NA V8 had an amazing, screaming, 4.5-7k range, and I can only image what the M3 8k is like

I would only love to do what that guy did around the ring.... He was riding that bimmers A..