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Yes, I agree. I think two months is a bit excessive in terms of acceptable time to respond but it is what it is. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt but my intuition tells me otherwise and it sounds like he…..we’ll I’ll hold off on any comments here and let him hopefully respond. I’m giving him another opportunity since he was very helpful to this point.

“The Tech” , that is the same thing I get when I call. The odd thing is our communications went from pretty good to…….dead, gone, nothing haven’t heard a peep from him or even anyone when I call….no-one picks up. I know that he does travel out of country and stuff which is fine but at least an acknowledgment would be nice. I know he’s been trying to rebuild his reputable after having some of his employees run his place down (which I was unfortunately the bad recipient of in this) but this isn’t helping the cause.

Last I tried contacting him was last week by trying to call him on different days at all different times which is why I’m asking if he is even still in business. It’s been frustrating to say the least.