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If 1140 doesnt hold we will undercut 1100...then short term rally again followed by "big" selloff into Nov.

Only when we undercut 1000 will Bernanke throw in the towel and initiate QE3 to offer some relief.

Yeah buying long term debt for short term debt to lower interest rates(operation oliver twist haha) really gonna do anything....

We are at 60 yr lows on interest rates ya dummy Ben...people and businesses arent borrowing because interest rates are too high, its because banks wont make stupid loans anymore and businesses only borrow and expand when there is true growth in demand and revenues, not because interest rates are low.

Only people who love zero % interest are the ones who see and get the money first...banks!...its easy to make money when you can borrow 100B at zero % interest and buy up short term debt paying even few % pts ...its a no risk game for the why would banks take a big risk and lend to the avg Joe???.

It takes a meltdown before people start to question how things work...if you a hardcore demo or repub, then you are being spoon fed bs...there is no major differences between either party...its always been of the major(ultra wealthy) haves and have nots.

Mark my words, there will come a time when you see rioting in our streets... not by the outliers of society or students, but rather by the teachers, firemen, cops, mom/pops...when you fark with someones family or someones money is the only time people will revolt...soon enough they will fark with you dont really think there is any money in social security...are PERS plans abit under-funded?...hmmm...gonna get ugly when the states have to tell the socialized retirees " we were just kidding".