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Drives: 2014 335i M Sport
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Location: Houston, Texas

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Year/model BMW:
2010 M3 E90

Front: 19x9.0 OEM M3 GTS ZCP, ET31
Rear: 19x10.0 OEM M3 GTS ZCP, ET25

Tire size:
Front:Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/35-19
Rear: Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/35-19

Eibach Pro Kit
Stock EDC

Spacer size:
Front: MS 12 mm front
Rear: MS 10 mm rear

I can confirm that with the setup above, the rear tires WILL rub when going over some decent sized bumps! On even roads, there is no rub. The rubbing is unfortunate, because the setup looks amazing. I was just delivered a 5 mm set from EAS to swap out the 10 mm set in the rear. This should solve my rub issue. There is no rubbing with the 12 mm spacers in the front...even going over some massive humps in the road (although I haven't hit a pot-hole to test my conclusion).



The tire hits right where my finger is...on the inside of the plastic fender liner in the rear. The rub only occurs if I hit a moderately sized hump in the road, but enough for the fender to chew through a very thin sliver of rubber ring around my tire.

I will post pictures again when I have the 5 mm spacers installed in the rear. So yeah, I'm gonna be the odd ball guy on the forum running 12 mm front and 5 mm rear.... =(

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