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Originally Posted by eisenb11 View Post
I got a really good price on my order. I don't think any on-the-lot sales can beat it. But I read what you wrote about being in Canada, so things may be different there... but there is something else I wanted to point out.

When buying on the lot:
1. It's a pain sometimes to find the car exactly as you want it
2. It's hard to keep a relationship with your dealer if you jump around when buying cars.
3. Sometimes you want to buy a car at a specific dealership because they're closer (this also goes with #2)
4. That car could have been test driven - you know what the dealer tells us to do on M3 test drives... I don't want to buy that car!
Same here. I got a great deal on my order and was completely pleased with the experience from order to taking delivery including the lease terms.