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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
Although my 7 years in the Corps had me ready for even the most extreme custodial technician job, that is not my field.

I do, however, value my morning shits and any other time I need to use the facility. The tenants on our floor are very respectful for the most part. It's just every time they have one of their conferences/trainings, it looks like Goliath came in and pissed all over everything for three weeks. Seriously standing water puddles of piss at every urinal and every toilet? Piss all over the seats of the shitters? It absolutely boggles my mind that someone in charge of these fuckers is ok with that sort of behavior. They should all be belittled with snide sarcasm and some good dry wit, followed by floggings and a session where they have to clean the piss puddles up with their mouths while their children watch.

Don't fuck with my shitter time.