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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
can you explain what you mean by this? looks like its gonna be a pita. i bought flanges to mount to my stock backing plates. dont wanna come through the fender liner like you did and was planning on routing i guess in an L shape going from the apex duct towards the center line then back along the lower control arm. gonna have to figure it out as i go i guess.
There isn't enough room to go much towards the center line - the oil cooler is in the way, and the undertray gets really close to the innards of the car at that point.

If you keep the duct going flat in the undertray, it will come out at the back of the undertray and you will need to trim the fender liner to allow it to come out. The way I've routed mine, it sort of goes up and towards the center line - I aimed for the inner fender opening to be in the "corner" of the fender liner (i.e towards the center line, for clearance).

Also, the suspension cables (aka bowden cables) will get in the way somewhat, and as far as I can tell they are needed to keep the undertray structurally secure at high speeds (where it would tend to be sucked out by the pressure differential).

Let me put it this way - you will have to make compromises, and don't make any cuts until you figure out the routing.

Edit: I don't want to hijack the vendor's post, I think this is a great product and I wish I had it a year and a half ago - it would have saved me a lot of trouble. If you guys want to ask questions about my setup, let's use my original post (at the link above).

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