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that's what SHE said!

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Originally Posted by Dodge2Dub View Post
M5 = 1st: 3.99; Final: 3.62; Crank Tq @ 3.5K: 260
3.99*3.62*260 = 3,755

M5 Crank Tq taken from the dragtimes:

Result @ 3.5K in first gear: M3 Wheel Tq = 5,500; M5 Wheel Tq = 3,755
M3 wins!
Right at 3.5K yes, but by 4K the M5 is up to 300ft-lbs. Also, with the taller gearing, the M3 needs to switch to 2nd gear before the M5, where for that brief period of the, the M3 will have significantly less wheel torque than the M5. Wow surprising to see how tall the gearing is for the M5.