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Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
You got that R8 to move over...well done! That's tough to do no matter how many laps you drive up his ass!
Thanks. Definitely one of my prouder moments. It really is a testament to how amazing our cars are that they can routinely hound Corvettes, 911s, etc. Then again, maybe he was running out of gas, or the sun was in his eyes, or his shoelaces were untied... :roll eyes: In any case, he was a good sport and gave me the point by, despite my being in a "lesser" car. There are times when drivers of more pure "sports" cars are very reluctant to point an M3 by, because it's just a 4-door sedan. I really try to keep an eye on my mirrors for people coming up behind me, even if it is a Mini--like the one glued to me at Lime Rock that I pointed by.