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Originally Posted by e1000 View Post
that's correct. At work so I can't do it now, but if you find the crank torque, gear ratios and then the final drive of the M5, you can easily calculat the torque delivered to the rear drive shaft. Of course, since the tire sizes are different between the M3 and M5, there's some difference there too, but it's a much more accurate picture of how much torque is available.

I've said it in the pas and I'll say it again, M3 has gobs of torque, and it has it everywhere. If you disagree, answer me this, if the M3 is both heavier and has less torque than a 335i, how does it out accelerate it (stock for stock)???
M5 = 1st: 3.99; Final: 3.62; Crank Tq @ 3.5K: 260 (HUGE caveat: likely not a first gear pull)
3.99*3.62*260 = 3,755

M5 Crank Tq taken from the dragtimes:

Result @ 3.5K in first gear: M3 Wheel Tq = 5,500; M5 Wheel Tq = 3,755
M3 wins!
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