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Proof that it doesnt matter how great a company is when the bears want blood they will get it...when bull rectum linings are lying on the floor, AAPL will need Preparation H too.

Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Dont get me wrong, AAPL is a awesome company...I own 5 apple computers, 4 iphones, an Ipad and 3 ipods....

The thing is this, not to sound like a insensitive jerk, but when Steve Jobs "goes" AAPl days are numbered,...not because they arent a great company, but because like all great hitters in baseball or great QB's in the NFL, you cannot keep it up a "great" run forever...AAPL is selling dream, a way of life...much beyond technical gadgetry...when Jobs goes, at some point AAPL will follow...MSFT and INTC have tons of cash does GGOG...but at some tipping point, the weight they carry on their shoulders is too much for anyone...and once you are out of wallstreets favor, they never come back to you ala MSFT, CSCO, INTC.

Ya see, I know its hard to imagine AAPL falling hard but sometimes it has nothing to do with cash, products, sales or user expereince...for example, during early 08' AAPL trading at 200.00....then by yrs end it was near 85.00...did AAPL suck during this period?..nope, they still had the best ipods, computers, iphones, etc...and yes iphone was out during the bear point, when mkts enter the bear, even a great company like AAPL wont be immune...stock price doesnt reflect how great a company is, it has only to do with supply-demand of the stock.