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Originally Posted by Rolf-Dieter View Post
Two, how many of us blindly keep ordering form the factory and paying the higher price .....

Looks like the smaller percentage of us shops around and as long as that is the case the high end cars like the BMW will always be very pricey ... perhaps we need to start another poll What do you think?
I got a really good price on my order. I don't think any on-the-lot sales can beat it. But I read what you wrote about being in Canada, so things may be different there... but there is something else I wanted to point out.

When buying on the lot:
1. It's a pain sometimes to find the car exactly as you want it
2. It's hard to keep a relationship with your dealer if you jump around when buying cars.
3. Sometimes you want to buy a car at a specific dealership because they're closer (this also goes with #2)
4. That car could have been test driven - you know what the dealer tells us to do on M3 test drives... I don't want to buy that car!