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Introducing my "BMW Individual" Atlantis Blue BMW...

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I last posted and a lot has transpired in my life since then. As you may recall, I was all prepared to purchase a Melbourne Red E92 M3 and do Performance Center Delivery with my wife once I was able to sell my twin screw supercharged 323i. However when push came to shove, I couldn't part with my 323i... it's so much a part of me... all the carbon fiber mods are a reflection of my carbon fiber heart implants, and I brought both my baby girls home from the hospital in my car after they were born. I still plan on buying my dream M3 but for now I decided to wait and undertake something special which I'll share with you all below...

10 years ago from today, 9/20, I underwent open heart surgery #5, defied the odds and survived my surgery. Fast forward 10 years to today... it's with great honor that I reveal Project "Atlantis Blau" all successfully completed and ready to take my heart awareness to the next level.

Why Atlantis Blue? Atlantis Blue is a metallic paint color which is a combination of 2 colors... blue and green. The color blue happens to be symbolic of "open communication" and green, in India, happens to be symbolic of the "heart chakra" or energy center within the heart... hence Atlantis Blue represents open communication about the heart, which represents exactly what I do with my heart awareness efforts. The moment I saw this color on my buddy Myke's IND M3 sedan a couple of years back I instantly fell in love with this color... Myke and his car definitely were an inspiration to me in choosing this color.

It was VERY hard to keep this project a secret from you all. I've never been one for progress threads and wanted to wait to surprise you all, but I'll be honest how tough it was to wait, lol.

I have a number of people to thank for this project... first off my wife, Kamini. All year, she and I were prepared to sell my 323i last month and purchase a Melbourne Red E92 M3 but at the last minute I couldn't sell my 323i and instead decided to take my car and heart awareness efforts to the next level with a full repaint. She and I are starting up a not-for-profit organization to raise heart awareness and donate the proceeds from our charitable events to the American Heart Association and other heart organizations. Kamini has been such a huge support to me and my modding over the years... she truly is the woman of my dreams.

I would also like to thank Revision Auto Salon in Rockville, MD for doing the paintwork sponsorship... they were extremely professional and courteous throughout the process. I would also like to thank Alan at **********s for selling me a CF CSL sedan trunklid... very happy with the trunklid and perfect fitment. I would also like to thank BASF for supplying the paint for my project. For those of you who don't know, BASF supplies the paint to BMW as well. I would like to thank Jason and Evan at for sourcing my new door sills from Germany. Finally, I'd like to thank my Europrojektz teammates for their constant support and encouragement throughout this project.

Pics are below... my photographer and I will be doing another photoshoot this weekend at more scenic places. Note that full exterior including door jambs, inside trunk, and visible areas inside the front hood were done. The only thing I didn't have repainted were the strut towers (decided to leave these in the silver color) and any non visible areas under the engine/supercharger components.


Old trunk setup - OEM trunklid with CF ACS-style 3 piece spoiler... darn spoiler encountered severe "hazing" in the CF, hence I decided to get rid of this and get the CSL trunklid.


Special ordered these door sills from Germany thanks to Jason and Evan at for locating these for me.

I will end this thread on a comical note... I'm a sneaker guy for the most part, so my wife decided to help me "change up my look" and bought me these driving shoes below that match my Atlantis Blue 323i... I'm not real familiar with the make/model of the shoes but they're super comfortable!!

Ferragamo Parigi shoes

Thanks for looking!

My 2 Little Girls... the REAL carbon fiber keeping my mechanical heart alive

BMW Individual Atlantis Metallic Twin Screw S/C'ed 5spd 2000 323i
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