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Originally Posted by Rolf-Dieter View Post
Agree the 1 m had no business to be in this line up, obviously the organizers have something against BMW even to consider the 1 m to be in that category of cars. What a waste of time.
You're kidding, right?

They brought their available cars, and stated up front that it was more or less meaningless, but that they could do it, so what the heck.

What were they supposed to do to appease the faithful? Import an (illegal in this country) GTS? Maybe run a regular M3?

If so, the GTS would've placed eighth amongst these eleven cars (just ahead of the Boss 302), while a properly equipped M3 would be ninth - just behind the Ford. Each instead of the tenth place occupied by the the 1M. Big deal.

What about Porsche? They have two cars that would be just about at the top of the heap (911 Turbo and GT2). Those cars were missing, and would've made a big difference. What about Chevrolet? The ZR-1 would be at or near the top, as well.

Does Motor Trend also hate Porsche and Chevy?

Give me a break.

Originally Posted by Rolf-Dieter View Post
Besides as most of us know, much depends on the driver and his reaction time right from the start as was so obvious watching this from the word go ... it proved nothing, nothing at all.
These cars were timed via GPS, which is how Motor trend times all their cars. The precise time each car launched is immaterial - except for the footage. Their elapsed times for the quarter mile were reported, not who won that particular pass and by how much. Note how far back the Lotus was. Is that a tenth of a second behind the 1M?

The only deviation from standard was that the cars were run on a dusty runway, and their elapsed times tended to suffer a bit, by and large.


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