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Originally Posted by Rolf-Dieter View Post
I've checked this forum to see if the question has been asked before or a pool issued, I found nothing (if it has been asked then I am sorry for repeating the question and this simple poll).

I read some place ...

Quote "New M3's on lot: ~95% DCT / ~5% MT"


"E9x M3's owned by forum loving, car enthusiasts, M enthusiasts: ~50% DCT / ~ 50% MT" End of Quote.

Let is see how many members here have picked one or the other transmission and if you have a few minutes tell us why.
I consider manual transmission as a driving philosophy
I never owned an automatic because I consider it introduces some kind of neutering with respect to driving experience.

Especially on an M3, it would be inconceivable to own anything else other than a manual.
But for the case of DCT ONLY I would make an exception and I recognize that
many will buy it because of its perfect shifting algorithm that questionably
can be achieved in manual by only a select group of driving individuals.

The rest of the population that has automatic is because the culture introduced
it to them in such ways
and they can't do otherwise in case they don't know manual and they still
wana taste the M3.
(or they are not willing to learn a manual.)