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Thank you everyone!!

Originally Posted by jzhang View Post
ricky bring the M3 out again next time and I will help shoot the interior
Sure John!

Originally Posted by Motion View Post
Yeah, but where is the functional suspension photos?
Haha, just normal Moton clubsport, nothing special though. they all look the same.

Originally Posted by crashish View Post
Which lips did you have trouble with?
On this M3, I only had cheap made carbon lip (cheap material, not cheap in price) that didn't hold up track use. It actually took me a long time to figure out what to use for front lip.
I had downforce issue on my GTR at Fontana. Everytime at turn 1, too much downforce to push the car down low then scratch the front end. And because it's 130mph+ during that turn, it will be gone in no time if the lip isn't built for it.

Originally Posted by dawgdog View Post
Incredible setup and photos. What I love is that the mods are functional!
One question? How do you have the suspension set up? I just installed the AST 5200 Grand Am suspension and I love it but not sure exactly how to set it up. What compression and rebound settings are you using? I know it won't equate but interested nonetheless. Thanks.
Suspension work is hard to explain by words. It also depends on your tires, spring rates, track layout, etc. You can always drive it, and feel it by yourself then come back and share. The best way is still doing more track days.
You can go to tracks with me and I can explain a little but I'm far way from expert though. LOL