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Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
I don't talk about politics too much because most people don't have anything of intelligence to offer. Talking to you and Yousif has been fun because you guys provide intelligent comments and give me something to think about.

When Obama was running for president, just about everybody my age (at the time, 18) had nothing of significance to talk about. Once Urban Outfitters started selling Obama shirts, everybody jumped on the "Change" bandwagon and supported him without even knowing what his policies were. Supporting Obama was the cool thing to do.
Yeah ironically I said I voted for him just so people wouldn't bug the shit out of me

Just like the Prop 8 thing...

I felt if I actually got into details, the girls would get bored and dislike me cause I don't follow their friends' ideals.
Safe to say, these type of women will never be gf/wife material... unless they mature and change in the future.... but for flirtatious fun etc, it's worth playing dumb

Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
OK, enough political talk.

Back to anime lol...

I'm on the 12th episode of Samurai Champloo. Gotta say, it's really (really) growing on me... Great story and a fantastic soundtrack.

Wangan Midnight eps 17 here :P
Heard it's good, wanted to watch it...never got around to it..