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Upper and middle class have the same enemy, the people who intentionally live off the system (scammers).

I saw a youtube video about a guy who went on judge judy, he was being paid by the government through some type of aid program, and was being given money for rent while in school....instead he lived with a girlfriend and admittedly spent the money on whatever he wanted.

I don't think that the hardworkers will leave the USA, its hard to find a place that has what America offers. Trust me, I complain just like the next guy, and other countries have crazy taxes too.... sometimes Im lazy and I want to spit my gum somewhere, well in the USA, its no crime, in Singapore they cane you for that shit. Grass is greener my friend, grass is always greener....check this out...
This reminds me, on a somewhat unrelated note, I read somewhere that in Denmark (IIRC), despite being a country with one of the highest income tax rates, the people are the happiest in the world. Go figure lol

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I agree with your points Wes, but you tend to take things a little to the extreme
Haha, sorry. Like I said, sometimes I like to exaggerate to get my point across.

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and that video.... No to be racist, but I feel the majority of mexican immigrants, african americans, and other low-income individuals are taking way too much money from the system.
If you have 10 kids, all on welfare, you're bringing in over 100k per year.....
Think about it...100k!
Most hard working individuals don't make that much!

I used to feel China's "1 child" policy was absurd...but it's really not

I wish we had a 3 child policy here....
Agreed 110%. Sometimes when I see, and I'm not being racist, a hispanic family with 20 (there I go again with my exaggerations!!!) kids at the store, I get a little bit upset. It's pretty obvious that the parents aren't making enough money to support those kids on their own. The welfare system is ridiculous and needs to be completely restructured.

China was smart about the 1 child policy. I've always been a supporter of it, actually. Just the other day, I was telling somebody how we should do something similar in the USA.

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Look into this movie:


I swear, America is becoming like that movie

It really opened my eyes... i know it's a comedy...but it makes so much sense it's scary (yes i know they took it to the extreme)
Somebody has mentioned that move to me. I'm pretty sure that it was Yousif lol.