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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I agree with your points Wes, but you tend to take things a little to the extreme

I honestly can't comment on tax over the internet, this would be best left for an in person chat

and that video.... No to be racist, but I feel the majority of mexican immigrants, african americans, and other low-income individuals are taking way too much money from the system.
If you have 10 kids, all on welfare, you're bringing in over 100k per year.....
Think about it...100k!
Most hard working individuals don't make that much!

I used to feel China's "1 child" policy was absurd...but it's really not

I wish we had a 3 child policy here....

Look into this movie:


I swear, America is becoming like that movie

It really opened my eyes... i know it's a comedy...but it makes so much sense it's scary (yes i know they took it to the extreme)

Nonetheless, I will live wherever I am comfortable.
I will be comfortable where I am making money

Whether it's here, Canada, EU, Iran, Asia.... I will be where the $ is

Thank you my friend. I think by spreading that movie around you are doing community service.

I do the same, and more people need to see that movie. Its a movie you will literally want to turn off its so stupid and that's okay, just watch the beginning where it explains the situation..