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Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
Yes, of course. I understand what you're saying and I know that in actuality, it isn't too bad for the people who are rolling around in money, but this is really just a short-term fix instead of a long-term solution.

Haha, sorry. Sometimes I like to exaggerate to make my point.

Sure. The Obama Administration wants to take more money from the wealthy to "solve" (this solves nothing, btw) our problems. Ignorant people see this type of behavior and believe that they won't have to worry about making ends meet because our government will just help us get through the hard times. Where will the money come from? The rich, of course!

Just take a look at the typical Obama supporter (you're probably at work, but watch it when you get home)

How do you think that makes wealthy people feel? What about the people who aspire to become wealthy? If I know that I'm going to be heavily taxed, why would I even bother to stay in this country? I'd rather pack my bags and move to Singapore. Furthermore, some may argue that the increased tax is just a little bit, but would this be the final tax hike? When does it end?

Sad, but true. Like I was saying the other day, the whole government is full of scammers. Everybody is paying each other off and only looking out for their own best interest. This type of behavior starts at the lowest level and continues all the way to the top.

Where do I start lol? Who knows how much money the Obama Administration is wasting on the whole Cybercrime Program (I think I mentioned this the other day. Basically, if this stupid idea passes, anybody can go to jail for years if they lie on the internet)... Couldn't this money be put towards better programs? Just look at our school systems. They are failing.

And more recently, the Solyndra loan.... It's not a program, but talk about a bad idea. I think the company lasted less than 6 months before filing for Chapter 11?
I agree with your points Wes, but you tend to take things a little to the extreme

I honestly can't comment on tax over the internet, this would be best left for an in person chat

and that video.... No to be racist, but I feel the majority of mexican immigrants, african americans, and other low-income individuals are taking way too much money from the system.
If you have 10 kids, all on welfare, you're bringing in over 100k per year.....
Think about it...100k!
Most hard working individuals don't make that much!

I used to feel China's "1 child" policy was absurd...but it's really not

I wish we had a 3 child policy here....

Look into this movie:


I swear, America is becoming like that movie

It really opened my eyes... i know it's a comedy...but it makes so much sense it's scary (yes i know they took it to the extreme)

Nonetheless, I will live wherever I am comfortable.
I will be comfortable where I am making money

Whether it's here, Canada, EU, Iran, Asia.... I will be where the $ is