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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
parham, i learned most of what i know by keeping an open eye on the forums. this forum is a really helpful self education tool... and even where it doesn't educate, it at least leads you to ask the right question.

typically, i'd see a car with a modification i knew very little about and that would spark a curiosity in my mind to know what that part does, what the reviews have been, and whether that part is worth it. for instance, i knew very little about supercharger kits before this forum sparked my curiosity about them. i did a few searches, read about the various superchargers available, and a few more searches later i learned how they worked for the most part and how they stacked up against each other, and then a few searches later read customer complaints and compliments. from a buyer's perspective there's little else that you need to know.

just keep your eyes and ears open on the forums... you can learn almost anything here.

- esquire
thanks for the advice
definitely will use it