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radio not working this morning... any help?

woke up and went out the door for work... plugged my iphone in to the aux plug-in. power was on for the stereo, power was on for my iphone and confirmed volumes were up on each. confirmed the stereo was on AUX and the iphone was actually playing music...

no sound coming from the speakers. i ejected and reinserted a cd to see if that would prompt the cd player to work... nothing. it stayed on auxiliary and did not switch over to cd (i have no idrive).

when i hit the 'audio' button on the stereo and select cd or radio or aux it does not change to the selected option. it stays on auxiliary or momentarily (less than a second) flashes the screen for the radio or cd and reverts straight back to the aux input but still plays no sound.

I turned the car off at a stop light for a few seconds and restarted. nothing.

anyone experience this?

anyone have a solution rather than me wasting a day at the dealership?
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