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I have a "crappy" 8GB torrent download,
Some might say the 720p HD Blu Ray quality it plays in is downright diabolical,
Some might say the English subtitles that only show when English ISN'T being spoken is also, Downright diabolical,
Some might say the extended "directors cut film" that this torrent is that gives an hours more than the feature film, Is quite frankly, Downright diabolical,

I on the other hand,

Would call it pretty bloody brilliant actually.

I have been to the city to see Senna in the theaters,
I own and proudly wear my "Senna S" T-Shirt to which no one has a bloody clue what it means or stands for,
I also refer to my M as his pseudo name "Senna"

However I will be buying the US released BluRay once it becomes available,
For now I will stick to my crappy download torrent,

After all, I need to buy something to access the extras features

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