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I was driving at night and looked over my right shoulder to make sure I was clear to change lanes as it was an area where a few lanes came together... As I merged right into the lane I saw a 4x4 laid out in the middle of the road and was unable to avoid it. My car 'hopped' the 4x4 and I was sick to my stomach.

I get to my destination and get out assuming the worst because of how loud it was... I only ran over it with my right side and expected it to be completely torn up.

To my surprise (and delight) the car had absolutely no blemishes on the bumper or under carriage. The only mark was wood dust on the right front tire which wiped away clean. No tire bulges or rim scrapes either.

For how loud the noise was when I ran it over I was sure I was in for some tears... I now consider my car a German high revving tank
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