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Originally Posted by turk23 View Post
yeahh ortiz gave him a cheap shot, but you can tell he truly tried to apologize. we all know that was in the heat of the moment. ortiz knew he was at fault immediately and he tried apologize man... and when he did mayweather played it off that he sincerely accepted it... what do u know 2 seconds later he pretty much back stabs though guy right in back. btw clearly if ortiz knocked out floyd out he would have just been disqualified right there and then giving flloyd the auto win. IMHO i just lost a decent amount of respect for mayweather both as a person and fighter.... i never thought he would stoop down that low.
so what he apologized... the heat of the moment, lol. you train your hands all day, there is no way you unconsciously head butt someone while boxing... It's not natural, doesn't rely on muscle memory. The only reason he apologized is because he didn't want mayweather to be antagonized and become the aggressor. I was upset that the fight was short and it ended the way it did, but as a boxer I'm much more empathetic to the situation. I've had guys throw cheap shots, fight dirty, and start when i'm not ready... protect yourself at all times is correct, sometimes you can extend your hand out to touch gloves during a fight and a fighter will take advantage of the opening rather than touch gloves... part of the game, you are in a fight at all times and your safety comes first, so protect yourself. You can never depend on the ref to protect you, so protect yourself...