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I give in... XBOX 360 + Halo 3!

Well, I'm giving in. I quit playing Halo 2 a year ago (in fact, stopped using my XBOX totally) and told myself I wouldn't get H3 or a 360... but I happened to pass by a GameStop and saw the H3 video they had going... and a feeling of nostalgia swept over me

I've played H1 right from the start, LAN'd a lot, and got real good playing on neXBC (before XBL was invented). Played H2 alot too... I even participated in the EBGames national competition event. Won the local store event, but lost the national one over XBL (it was still very new)... got a $50 or $100 gift card though

Anyway, here I am again. H3 is beckoning and now I gotta buy a 360 just to play it Damn you Bungie!!! I played some H2 on neXBC last night and maaaaaaaaan am I rusty!

Apart from wanting to finish the campaign story, the multiplayer is what sucks me in. Hopefully they got better anti-cheating measures this time around.

Oh and Microsoft's policy is kind of whack. They won't allow me to use my old XBL username since I canceled it. I understand preventing others from using a name, but the person that used it before? Sucks

Other than H3 I hope to get Gears of War... maybe Tenchu Z. My bro says R6 Vegas is great too.
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