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Originally Posted by plokij View Post

this article is crap. any car guy without badge consciousness looking for a toy would opt for the boss.
And you know from your extensive experience in both cars (waiting for the "I have driven all of them in aggressive test drives" comment) So is every review that doesn't favour the car you like or think to be better just a "crap" review? I love how people always blame the magazine, the reviewer, the weather, the location of the sun in the sky... The review must be fixed, I know more than the reviewer, there is a hidden agenda/bias/pay-off...

All of the cars in the comparison (except, maybe, the RS5) are very capable cars and would be so close it comes down to personal preference. To say that any "car guy looking for a toy would choose the Boss" is a load of crap because that won't always be the case, badge aside. The current M3 has been more dominant against its competition in comparison tests than almost any other car in the last 4 years or so... oh wait, it is a conspiracy of all of the car magazines and TV shows on both sides of the Atlantic. Funny, if it were a true "pro BMW" conspiracy, why do all of their other cars get rated relatively poorly?

You like the Boss, it's a great car, but it isn't necessarily a better performance car than the M3 even if YOU think it is.
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