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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
Thank you for your input, however, even removing the exhaust brackets from the car and improperly torquing them wouldn't cause this failure.
WIth TWO out of THREE bolts loose it wouldn't cause a failure? Come on man; it's simple common sense (it's like saying you only need 2 out of the 5 lug bolts on your wheels). And again, that bolt up there is not going to loosen by itself if properly torqued without abuse. Yes, I know our subframe is not bulletproof by any means, but a lot beefier than previous iterations, and plenty strong for its intended use. You can't expect BMW to build a freaking tank just for the very few who want to abuse it with drag races and such. Yes again, if you're one of those guys, it'd definitely help to beef the subframe, and am glad you're providing a solution, but you folks are in the ultra minority. Just count the cases of subframe failures (probably with 2 hands), and divide them by the tens of thousands of cars already produced, and tell me if it's a chronic problem people should worry about. And most of those cases involved either abuse and/or negligence from a bad install job.

Bottom line is this car is far from perfect, but a weak subframe is NOT one of its issues. Have a good one folks.

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