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Originally Posted by parham2652 View Post
once again, beautiful car. sounds amazing.

I have always been into the cosmetics and design of cars, but never really understood how everything works internally (performance mods etc.), and by the looks of it, you really know what you are doing.

Where can I learn how to do all of this and what it means?
I really want to learn how to do all of these mods etc. and how they make the car better.

Thanks so much!
parham, i learned most of what i know by keeping an open eye on the forums. this forum is a really helpful self education tool... and even where it doesn't educate, it at least leads you to ask the right question.

typically, i'd see a car with a modification i knew very little about and that would spark a curiosity in my mind to know what that part does, what the reviews have been, and whether that part is worth it. for instance, i knew very little about supercharger kits before this forum sparked my curiosity about them. i did a few searches, read about the various superchargers available, and a few more searches later i learned how they worked for the most part and how they stacked up against each other, and then a few searches later read customer complaints and compliments. from a buyer's perspective there's little else that you need to know.

just keep your eyes and ears open on the forums... you can learn almost anything here.

- esquire

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