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Originally Posted by MaxL View Post
Totally agree on the first statement, but just as much disagree on the second. Look what progress Mustang made! I had a chance to drive 2006 version, and it was utter disappointment even compared to a Civic.

Also, take into account that all manufacturers are innovating in a very different direction now - how to keep up with more strict fuel economy standards and how to make all this nice stuff so that it still costs the same number of now much less valuable dollars... So tough to blame them here. Audi is still a disappointment - I had very high expectations for RS5 and totally expected it to beat M3, given the price and time they had. Looks like it will have trouble beating their own previous gen RS4
The progress I was referring to was specifically in the area of performance and driver involvement. I agree a 2012 Mustang Boss is a much better car than an 2006 GT, but even the boss hasn't really pushed the envelope from the 4 year old M3. By now I would have expected to see something that truly moved the game on from the E9X M3, like the RS4 did to the E46 M3 for instance.

However like you said, advancement and innovation is focused nowadays solely into areas of efficiency and comfort even for the most focused of sports cars. And this is what disappoints me.