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Originally Posted by dbhg1124 View Post
dude go get a box of tissues and take ur sympathy for civic drivers on the honda civic si forum. We are all on here b.c we love our m3's and I can guarantee we are sick of all the punks in acura tl's honda civics evos stis that come and try to race me. I dont drive to race i enjoy my car, my comeback is I could buy ur car burn it for fun and buy another one so leave me alone. And they all didnt work as hard as we did that is why there is different classes in society, work hard play hard.
This is bullshit... there are a lot of very hard working people who don't have wealth. Some people don't come from a privileged background and have an inherently uphill battle. Some are born without the same level of intellect or talent and regardless of hardwork may not get as far. Some who have money can also attribute it to luck... right place, right time... falling into a great opportunity, whatever. A ton of people are born into money and do nothing to earn it... does that somehow make them a better person?

Disrespecting the millions of people who work every bit as hard as you do (and more) and judging them because they don't have as much wealth is really moronic. Money, class, status have NOTHING to do with who someone is or their value as a person. I think some of the comments in this thread actually suggest the opposite... people who have very little character can have money.
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