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Modification #18 - Macht Schnell Stage 2 Air Intake

It's been a lonnng time guys. But I'm back. And I wanted to update everyone on the latest mods to the car, after a long hiatus.

I stopped into EAS recently to pick up the newest Stage II Intake by Macht Schnell, which is supposedly good for about 10 hp. Price isn't exactly cheap at around 500 bucks, but when it comes to a naturally aspirated car, eeking out horsepower is like pulling teeth - painful and expensive.

For those who don't know the Stage II intake also comes with Air Scoops that plug in directly into the kidney grills directing oxygen more efficiently to the engine. Pics of that below.

Also while I was there, I had the guys at EAS replace my v3.0 Angel iBrights with the new v4.0's since the old one's were failing from time to time, evidently because of an inadequate heatsink on the v3's, which the v4's have since replaced with a better heat dispersal apparatus. So far so good, no failures on the v4, and they're ever-so-slightly brighter. Can't complain about that. Thanks Tom & EAS for making that swap with no hassle.

Anyway here are a few pics of the intake install. And a video of the dyno. Dyno results to be posted soon.




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