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Originally Posted by BigHat View Post

I was hoping it was less expensive as I figure it might require replacing more frequently than paint film.
Plus, I figure the installation process would be much less complex then a hood or fender application. Typically the cost of the film is incidental to the skilled labor cost associated with applying it.
Installing windshield film is much different than paint protection film. It has a hard top coat so the windshield film has to be heat formed to the curvature of the windshield. I have installed a few... and if I didnt know how to tint I would be at a loss for installing this product. Even Premier... who sales Diamond Fusion... says that their installers have a tough time on some cars.

By the way, the Diamond Fusion film holds up well.... just DO NOT use a high power washer on it. It will cause the top coat to fleck off around the edges (where it has been cut to fit). Once that starts its over. Handwashing is highly recomended... and if you have to use a power washer hold it away from the film. Either way it is MUCH better than Clearplex.