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You obviously didn't watch the debate. I was commenting on how the crowd responded to Ron Paul's proposed CHANGES to the current system, not what the current system is.

Your entire post is a strawman based upon your faulty understanding of the issue at hand.

Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Once again, naive...without any insurance you really think poor people with serious medical conditions are allowed to die?...funny...obvious you dont work in the medical industry...why do you think ER's lose money?...the charity care numbers are extremely high now...if they have a heart attack or cancer, you think the hosp's throw them out into the streets.

Once again you speak like a jaded politician but when it comes down to the details you are sadly mis-informed.

You imply demo's would pull off a burning car from a motorcyclist while tea baggers and repubs would imply alot of things assume alot too...ludicrous.