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Originally Posted by MurderedOut View Post
Monohydrate works.....loading and not loading will gain same results however loading gives u faster results about by 6-9 days earlier then not loading you can check many scientific journals to confirm. But loading requires much more effort and much higher water consumption. Creatine mono is always after a workout other then when loading. Taking it before can cause you to use it as energy rather then saturate your muscles. ON, Allmax hell u can get mono from walmart just make ur ur ingredient reads CREATINE MONOHYDRATE 5gms and don't buy some bs that says "proprietary blend" best of luck
I completely agree, all those proprietary blends are fillers and a huge waste of money. I use and it works great. I have tried many other creatines from blends to the pure monohydrate. I prefer this one so far.