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Originally Posted by pman10 View Post
Wow, biased much? I personally welcome fresh approaches to the current political debate. I consider myself a moderate, and so find it hard to believe I would ever vote for a seriously conservative or tea party candidate. But if you actually listen to the debates, you will see that the ideas and approaches they bring to the table are anything but homogeneous or 'horrible'. They just happen to represent the extreme-right spectrum (the tea party candidates, that is), and so some of their ideas are a bit 'out there'.

I didn't say they were homogeneous. Each is fatally flawed in their own ways.

I listened to the debates. And like most folks, I'm absolutely shocked by the audience giving the biggest applause line of one entire debate to Perry executing over 200 people, (some with serious doubts to the guilt which Perry is actively covering up.)

Like most folks, I'm distantancing myself from the Tea Party Republican crowd who shouted out they wanted their fellow Americans to die. I'm with the bulk of Americans who are just like the folks who risked their lives to lift a burning car off a motorcyclist. That's how true Americans help each other in times of need.

The polls reflect my viewpoint. The more people hear from the current pool of Tea Party Republican candidates, the less they like any of them.

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