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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
He also didn't mention Democrat Kathy Hochul’s win in one of New York's most heavily conservative districts (NY-26) special election just this spring. Did you forget about that election?

So do you think that the Democrat winning in a heavily Republican district was an affirmation of the Obama administration? Or is it only THIS election that matters? You can't have it both ways.
Don't read too much into my statement - I was only adding to the debate. I probably should have added a disclaimer .

I think it is intriguing that a republican won in a relatively liberal district, and COULD be a harbinger for the future. It is certainly something worth discussing, IMO.

That being said, it's such a small sample size that we can't get ahead of ourselves and now assume that Republicans will now win all the campaigns in 2012. As your (and the Rasmussen) poll showed, there is still a substantial group of Americans who support Obama (and democrats) for next year.