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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Two elections, two huge Republican victories. And they were not even close--both in the mid-50's as a percent of the vote. ALthough the DNC Chairman seems to seems to think it was just an aberration due to the makeup of the electorate, several things seem evident:

-The president's coat tails are not of any aid, in fact he's toxic.
-The vote-out-the-bums mood seems to have turned into a vote-out-the-democrat bums mood
-Jews are waking up to the threat posed to Israel by this administration (finally!)
-These victory percentages are very high, these guys won with margins larger than the president's "historic" victory.
-The democrat party needs to do some serious fundraising really quickly and get ready to spend heavily because there will not be many locked down house and senate elections coming up.
-From this admittedly small sample, one could conclude that the last election cycle was just a warning of larger democrat debacles to come.
You didn't even mention that one of the victories was in NYC - which is traditionally a stauchly democratic electorate.