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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
-The vote-out-the-bums mood seems to have turned into a vote-out-the-democrat bums mood
No, it is still a "vote-out-the-bums" mood, which is why the House will change hands again this election cycle.

Hating politicians is now a national pasttime, but Tea Party popularity is holding a record for dislike, with the Tea Party being "less popular than much maligned groups like 'atheists' and 'Muslims.'"

The thing that you guys get confused on is that you think dragging down Democrats makes the Tea Party and Republicans MORE popular. It doesn't. Polls show that the Tea Party and Republicans are losing popularity right along with the Democratic Party. If you think I'm wrong, just try to find an admitted George Bush Republican Party supporter on the web these days -- even though 97% of the right-wing voted as Pro-Bush Republicans in 2004.

All the Tea Party Republicans are doing is feeding the popularity of the "Fucking-Pissed At Everyone Party".

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