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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
This OP is about congress, where the real power resides, and I think there are some real, solid indicators of things to come--we'll see.

I do hope someone understands that there is a difference between the virtual world (polling) and the real world (election results).

And how's our president doing against the "generic republican"? You know, an imaginary opponent?
Approval of Congressional Republicans: 22%
Approval of Obama: 47%


But you are correct, an imaginary person beats the crap out of every single current Republican candidate, since the current choices for Tea Party Republicans are all horrible. It's such a weak pool of candidates, that people's imaginary friends from childhood would make better Presidents than any of the current choices. Tea Party Republicans would do so much better in elections, if they could just get rid of all the current candidates they are stuck with.