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Originally Posted by GregTheStig View Post
Since this is about Congress, I think I agree with you.... and I think it sucks.

Obama strives to be bipartisan with everything he does and it's just not happening in Congress. It seems to me that many Republicans disagree with everything Obama supports, even if they themselves supported it earlier. It's almost like they're purposely blocking every bill Obama throws at them until they water it down so much that it doesn't improve anything at all. The American people then see it as Obama's failure, which it kind of is since he and the Democrats suck at compromising.

The shit hits the fan and the POTUS naturally gets the blame for it, and then the GOP is back in power in 2012.

Call me an idiot or a big bad socialist Nazi sympathizer but that's just what I've noticed... I'm sure this Congress isn't the first to do shit like this either.