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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
I agree. Negative space is what makes it so hard to capture the vast flatness of this area. There are several places I drive by on my commute where can you can see to the horizon 360 degrees. It makes you feel small, but the vastness is hard to capture with a camera. Out in the basin and range area of the west you can stand at the base of one range and shoot across the huge, flat expanse to the other range and convey the feeling just because of the two ranges. The near range gives you a lift above the floor of the basin and the far range breaks up the negative space. Out here it's just plain flat. And when you can stand in one place and see 10,000 acres of corn and soy, it's amazing. Just damn hard to capture.
I know what you mean, every time i shoot out on the lake it's like, "how can i make this more interesting.... It's blue, and blue, and a line across it. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a cloud!"