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Thank you again for everyone!!!

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I have personally given him a pointby last month at Fontana. Wicked fast car doing a good 15mph + more than mine with stock aero on turn 1 and 2.

Very nice car and amazing setup. You should see the friends he brought with him...these guys have more dough than jesus. WWJD? what would he do? He would have this car!!!

Oh and this car is a perfect example to all you supercharged lameOs. You don't need any engine mods to make a car fly...just great suspension/aero, tires and driving skill. Hope to see your bumper this weekend!
Hopefully I still have tires left by then, if not, I will bring another car. Anyways, I will see you on Sunday! It's gonna be fun!

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骚货 都到首页了啊, will be back in town soon, take care


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WOW, I just love what you did to your car.

Just might be a little partial to the color too...

Might consider black anodizing, or vinyl wrapping the front supports to the spoiler.

Just sickly done sir!!
Thank you sir! I'm not sure how they look on black, but I will give it a try and see how I like it. I put them on for functional anyways, don't really might the look.

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yummy thanks for letting me shoot your car agin Ricky!!!
Thank you John for the hard work!!! I have another car needs some shoot very soon~~

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The additional rear camber should allow to get on the power a tad earlier!

How about some functional component shots? Need to see the suspension set up or this is just another beauty queen contest.
Yes, I just gave it more negative camber after the track day.
I don't know how to take photos, I need to have someone helped me out here. LOL. I will post it up once I have new pics.