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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
It seems like you really want to do this, regardless of what info people are posting here... so just do it then.

Post pics when the dealership screws it up though, like all the contaminants that will be stuck under this material when they don't wash/clay/polish the car properly.

If it's taking only an hour, I am certain they will just wash the car and apply this material.
Yes they did wash and apply it....I actually managed to get it for 250 as part of a second car deal..
so I will never know what it cost me but it was ok price so i went like wtf?

Anyhow, it appears this is not a wax for sure. I was there and I watched them.
The car has a 'glass' like look that is not like a wax. It looks way better.
The water will just run away from it. (and so does wax I know)
But It looks definitely amazing. Pics would only show you a shiny brand new car..
so they won't help much..

I am sure many will say this thing will diminish soon.

But here is the reason I did it:

While my friend was shopping on the same dealer, he was looking for
an 08 there was two of them right next to each other - same color and year..
One of them had the old logo simonize and the other didn't

Both cars were a little dusty so the simonized was dirty as well as the other but undusting it revealed
a notable shiny surface without as many scratches as the other 08...
I am sure you can argue here that these are two different cars with different history..But the Simonized one was looking like..
ok let me say 'the sh*t' and it was simmonized 3 years ago the sticker was old on it.

so I would say this thing is worth probably 2-3 times the price of an expensive waxing procedure. but definitely not 10 times the price!

I will keep on updating as time passes....curious to see how long its gone last...

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