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Originally Posted by SoTempted View Post
I look down on them as I would a dude with a popped collar spilling his Rockstar energy drinks on everybody as he tries to show off the crip walk he learned while vacationing with his parents in Nantucket.... Yes, the same level as a douche.

What's wrong with saying, "Nice car man, show me what it's got?" Or a head nod, or wave, or thumbs up, or some kind of gesture signaling 'wanna race?' I hardly ever street race but I'm more likely to oblige the guy who acknowledges me and sees if I'm even interested in a street race over the dumb ass who weaves in and out of traffic to get near me and bounces his engine off the limiter for a mile down the road. The same would go for if the douche was driving a damn Ferrari wanting to race me.
i agree with that. with a nicer gesture maybe i would of lauched. imo, a guy that just revs his engine and staring is a douche bag. stuff like that is asking for trouble from popo