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Shiv, nice update!!!

I will give you a shout regarding a Procede+PWM meth kit setup for my G-power SKII supercharger setup. We already dicussed the issues......

Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
A bunch of you M3 guys were formerly 135/335 owners so this info may be old news. But for those who aren't familiar with the Procede, here's what it offers as of today (SEPT 13, 2011). In the videos below, you will see everything demonstrated in a 335. I don't have the time nor inclinationto film all those videos again in the m3 when it works just the same

1) Real-time Map-Switching
This is done with your cruise control stalk. The map # selection is displayed on your tachometer momentarily upon mapswitch. You can toggle up and down between different maps while you are driving. There are currently 3 active maps. Map 0 is stock. Map 1 is tuned without meth. Map 4 is tuned with PWM Meth activated. Map 2 and 3 are undefined at this time. Video:

2) CANbus based Cat Code Suppression
Needed when running cat deletes. No need to get your DME flashed after going catless. Just activate the Procede's CANclear feature (in the user adjustable menu via laptop) and that's it.

3) Code Reading/Code Clearing
This is a very useful built-in feature. Code clearing does not require a laptop. No need to go to the dealership for code reading/clearing. Also no need to purchase any BMW specific diagnostic tool. Here's a video explaining this feature:
[u2b] xnRyFaqJYEY[/u2b]

4) Vishnu Command Center
This gives you access to several dealership level diagnostic/activation commands. Such as airbag code clearing, DME resetting, Individual module rests, etc,. Video:

5) In-Dash gauge displays
Temporarily convert you Fuel Level and Oil Temp gauges into secondary realtime display gauges. For the M3, you can select Airflow+AFR, Ignition Advance+AFR, Bank1 AFR+Bank2 AFR, etc,. More will be added once we know what people are looking for. Video:

6) Adjustable Shift Light
You can adjust the setting from 5000rpm to 9000rpm through the Command Center. For the m3, we don't have the activation command for the audible beep yet. So right now, all we do is turn on the turn on/flash the turn signals at the desired RPM. Video:

7) In-dash Methanol flow display
Very useful to know when your are running meth. Video:

8) Road speed delimiter

9) Datalogging
12-35 samples/sec. 10 channels log-able at a time. All you need is a laptop. The Procede has a built-in USB interface. A 6' USB cable is included. You can run this through your glovebox and into the DME box (where the Procede sits).

10) User Adjustability
While the Procede will come with pre-set maps that we carefully calibrate ourselves, it can be tuned by the end-user if they are so inclined. This is by no means necessary as the default maps will provide the advertised gains. It's just for those who are trying to eek out the last few hp or have an unusual assortment of modifications. All tuning is done through the Procede User Calibration Software which can be downloaded by clicking HERE. For now, the N54 version of the software will be used. For the most part, it's 99% applicable. Although you can ignore the boost and wastegate DC% tables for M3 applications

There will be more features added as we port over n54/n55 code to the m3 firmware. But I think we are off to a good start at this point in development.